About Us

Board & Staff 

The Association is governed by committed prevention leaders from throughout Ohio who represent various sectors of the field and are dedicated to ensuring that the Association's mission, vision and goals are upheld and that ADAPAO remains your voice for prevention. 

Board of Directors

President: Aimee Wade, LISW-S, OCPC
Associate Director
County of Summit ADM Board

Vice President: Tommy Koopman, CHES, OCPC 
Director of Prevention & Wellness 
MHRS of Warren & Clinton Counties 

Treasurer: Mary Marvel, M.S., M.S., OCPC 
Olentangy Local Schools 

Secretary: Fran Gerbig, MPH, OCPC 
Associate Executive Director 
Prevention Action Alliance 

Holly Zweizig, M.A. 
Director of Planning 
MHR for Union County  

Zach Miley, A.A., OCPS 
Prevention Specialist 
Community Health Center 
Christi Valentini-Lackner, B.A., OCPS 
Program Manager

Mary Makley Wolff, M.S. 
Coalition Director 
Coalition for a Drug Free Clermont County 

Robin Seymour-Hicks, MA, MSW 
Columbus Public Health 

Staff: Jim Ryan, B.A., OCPC 
Executive Director 

ADAPAO Committees 

ADAPAO operates with an infrastructure of committees to organize, implement and evaluate the various projects, events and activities of the Association. Each committee is comprised of the membership and led by a Board member who is appointed Chair by the Association President. Each committee has a designated responsibility or area of focus and supports the overall success of the Association. 

Advocacy Committee (Chair: Mary Makley Wolff)
The Advocacy Committee works on initiatives which promote the value of prevention with elected and appointed Officials across Ohio.

            Engagement Opportunities:
            Marijuana Policy Planning Committee
            Youth-led Prevention Round Table 

Communications & Marketing (Chair: Zach Miley)
The Communications & Marketing Committee works on initiatives which promote the Association and communicate to the membership and larger state-wide community the value of prevention in Ohio. 

            Engagement Opportunities
            Website Development  
            Social Media Marketing 

Education & Training Committee (Co-Chairs: Mary Marvel and Christi Valentini-Lackner)
The Education & Training Committee works on initiatives which provide professional development opportunities designed to enhance and improve the prevention workforce in Ohio.

            Engagement Opportunities
            ADAPAO Conference Planning Committee  
            Professional Development & Training 
Membership & Networking (Chair: Fran Gerbig)
The Membership & Networking Committee works on initiatives which ensure engagement and partnership and provides opportunities for advancement within the membership. 

            Engagement Opportunities

            88 Champions 
            ADAPAO Membership Meeting at OPEC  

Resource Development (Chair: Holly Zweizig)
The Resource Development Committee works on initiatives which promote financial and other resources to ensure the impact and sustainability of the Association. 

            Engagement Opportunities
            Garden Party Planning Planning Committee  
            Silent Auction Planning Committee 

Finance Committee (Chair: Mary Marvel)
The Finance Committee works on initiatives which secure resources and balance the budget in an effort to ensure sustainability and longevity of the Association.