ADAPAO Award 2020 Recipient: Connie Limbacher

Posted on: November 28, 2020 5:40 pm

Connie Limbacher is the recipient of the ADAPAO Community Champion Award for 2020. The Community Champion Award recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond expectations to advance prevention in their community.

Connie is the secretary of the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition, often referred to as the ADC. Connie joined the ADC in 2015 and fully embraced the coalition’s mission of uniting Tuscarawas County citizens and stakeholders to prevent youth substance use and misuse by identifying and implementing effective prevention strategies.

Connie is a retired bookkeeper and accountant, which means she needs to have a great understanding of the things to which she commits. Therefore, when she first joined the coalition, Connie kept the prevention staff and coalition leaders on their toes as she learned about best practices in prevention and coalition work. Her desire to learn prompted her to join ADAPAO, the Statewide Prevention Coalition Association, and CADCA, and she attended all trainings and conferences she could, to help her learn and grow. Connie then obtained her Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant credential and has become one of Tuscarawas County’s strongest advocates for prevention, local youth and the coalition.

Connie is not only the ADC secretary. She is an active member of multiple committees, chairs the Orientation Committee, and is the organizer of ADC’s annual Hope Sunday Church engagement effort.

Connie’s impact on the Hope Sunday Church project? The first year of the project, ADC engaged 75 churches. The second year? 100. Connie’s current goal? To involve all 190 churches in Tuscarawas county in the project. Connie keeps very organized spreadsheets – she loves her spreadsheets – and identifies, engages, trains, equips and supports volunteers to reach out to churches.

Connie also keeps track of the coalition’s drug deactivation bag distribution partners, using her spreadsheet skills to ensure ADC’s more than 60 distribution partners have pouches, signage and materials they might want and need.

Connie also recruits others to join ADC and ensures every person who walks through the doors will be made to feel welcome. She follows up with new members, sends emails, and reaches out to any missing faces. She is also quick to send thank you cards and notes of encouragement to coalition members.

As if all of those efforts were not enough, Connie also attends each and every Tuscarawas County Youth Advisory Board meeting. She knows all the student leaders, and motivates the students, youth-serving staff, and school advisors, sending them cards of encouragement and tokens of appreciation. Connie also encourages the students to become Registered Applicants for prevention credentialing. She finds out which schools college-bound students will be attending, and then researches prevention programs and community coalitions in those colleges and communities.

On top of every other role she plays within ADC, Connie also documents coalition events, taking and posting photos on ADC’s social media site. Connie has a large social network and is a friend to everyone she meets, so she speaks to teachers, school officials, and community members and educates about prevention issues and concerns, with a firm understanding of the value of weaving prevention into every sector of the community.

Connie is the personification of a local champion for prevention. ADAPAO is honored to recognize her with the ADAPAO Community Champion Award for 2020.