ADAPAO Award 2020 Recipient: La Mega Media

Posted on: December 12, 2020 6:20 pm

La Mega Media received the 2020 ADAPAO Organization of the Year Award. This award recognizes an agency, coalition, board, business or other entity for exemplary efforts in advancing ADAPAO’s mission. ADAPAO's mission: ADAPAO employs the power of dialogue, education, networking, and advocacy to amplify a united voice for prevention in Ohio.

La Mega Media is a minority-owned business and one of the largest Hispanic media companies in the Midwest. An integrated media platform, La Mega Media provides media access to Hispanic audiences across Ohio through WVKO La Mega 103.1 FM in Columbus; WOXY La Mega 97.7 FM in Cincinnati; digital radio La Mega in Cleveland; La Mega Nota, a print publication; and a news App known as La Mega 1.

Under the leadership of Claudia De Leon, the company’s chief operating officer, La Mega played an integral role in two statewide prevention efforts targeting Hispanic communities across Ohio’s major metropolitan areas.

First, La Mega’s Columbus staff participated in a focus group that provided valuable information for Before You Bet, Ohio’s problem gambling prevention campaign, and the youth-focused Change the Game campaign. The La Mega team members include a rich representation of Latin American backgrounds, and that diversity provided nuanced perspectives on Hispanic culture that would have been difficult to match.

La Mega also partnered with Prevention Action Alliance to carry out a statewide initiative to share the Know! Tips for Parents within Hispanic communities in Ohio. The Know! Tips provide parents of middle and high school youth with the education, tools, strategies, and empowerment to raise healthy kids. A personal, at-home prevention intervention, Know! Tips can be a tremendous resource for parents, but, to be effective, must be both accessible and responsive to individuals utilizing it within their family systems.

La Mega’s cultural expertise and capacity as a media company expanded the reach of the Know! Tips and met the needs of populations that can be easily underserved by our field.

Through their partnership with Ohio's prevention community, La Mega Media leveraged the power of dialogue, education, networking and advocacy to expand access to prevention interventions to thousands of individuals and families in Ohio and amplifying prevention's voice in our state.