ADAPAO presents 2018 Awards

Posted on: May 22, 2018 7:00 am

ADAPAO recognized five Ohioans for their commitment to preventing behavioral health disorders affecting individuals, families, and communities in our state. The ADAPAO Awards were presented at the 2018 ADAPAO Conference, Catalysts: Prevention Professionals Are Change Agents, held May 3, 2018 at The Boat House at Confluence Park in Columbus.

ADAPAO is Ohio’s membership association for prevention professionals and advocates in the behavioral health field, the profession focused on preventing substance use and mental health disorders. Known as The Voice of Preventionin Ohio, ADAPAO advocates for effective prevention, develops resources, provides education and training, and addresses prevention with government and other systems. 

The ADAPAO Awards have been presented since 1988 and are the oldest prevention awards in Ohio. ADAPAO members nominate award candidates, and the association’s board of directors makes the final decisions.

“On the 30-year anniversary of the inception of the ADAPAO Awards, we are proud to recognize the exceptional contributions of the 2018 award recipients,” said Aimee Wade, ADAPAO President. “These dedicated and skilled Ohioans are saving lives and improving the health of individuals, families, and communities by reducing the number of people who develop behavioral health problems in our state.”

“When we have effective prevention policies and programs in place, fewer people develop substance use and mental health problems and our families, friends, and neighbors live healthier lives,” Wade added. “Our 2018 ADAPAO Award recipients are exemplars of the essential prevention work taking place in Ohio.” 

Nearly 200 prevention professionals and advocates throughout the state attended the 2018 ADAPAO Conference.

The 2018 ADAPAO Award honorees:

ADAPAO Visionary Award for exemplary efforts to advance prevention across OhioJill Jackson; Education Specialist and Consultant, Ohio Department of Education. Jackson is honored for her visionary leadership in ensuring Ohio schools and communities work collaboratively to provide the safety and social supports for successful learning and student development. Jackson has been an unwavering champion for prevention at the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) for over a decade, and, prior to her work at ODE, applied that same focus while working at not-for-profit prevention providers. Jackson maintains a steadfast commitment to nurturing learning and community environments through creation and implementation of policies and programs – like the Safe Schools/Healthy Students project and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports – based on effective prevention principles. “Dr. Jill Jackson has a vision of Ohio in which every child lives in a community in which both children and adults are nurtured, supported, and encouraged to develop the skills that promote wellness and resilience,” stated Tommy Koopman, Vice President of ADAPAO. “Jill’s leadership paves the way for the work of educators and prevention professionals at the local level, with an ultimate outcome of youth who have the skills and supports necessary for health and well-being.” 

ADAPAO Community Champion Award for going above and beyond expectations to champion prevention within her communityKim Lytle, Director of School and Juvenile Court Programs, Envision Partnerships. Lytle is recognized for developing research-based, innovative prevention programs focused on youth at higher risk for behavioral health problems in Butler County. Lytle created Status Offender & Misdemeanor Mediation (SOMM), a social service mediation program focused on increasing family protective factors, like social factors and life skills, and decreasing risk factors for youth and families involved in the juvenile justice system. SOMM has served over 3,500 families in the last 25 years and has demonstrated effectiveness on reducing recidivism and other positive outcomes. Lytle also created Kidz-in-Character, an after-school program that develops assets through creative and performing arts. “Kim Lytle has created and maintained two terrific, research-based programs that significantly improve outcomes for youth and families in Butler County,” said Tommy Koopman, ADAPAO Vice President. “Kim’s reliance on prevention science, coupled with her resourcefulness and dedication, have made her a prevention champion in her community.”

ADAPAO Community Champion Award for going above and beyond expectations to champion prevention within his communityJohn Dawson,Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Community for New Direction. Dawson’s accolades are a result of his leadership of Community for New Direction’s (CND’s) prevention programs and dedication to the youth and families of Columbus. Dawson guides and mentors CND’s prevention staff in their quest to empower youth to be the force for change in themselves, their schools, and their communities. He reinforces the research-based practices of skill development and mentoring with the prevention staff and the youth themselves. Dawson also serves on the Franklin County Urban Coalition, which is geared toward reducing high-risk alcohol use and illicit drug use among 18 to 25 year-olds in several Columbus neighborhoods. “John Dawson is the epitome of community leadership,” stated Tommy Koopman, ADAPAO Vice President. “Whether directly mentoring youth and young adults, providing professional development and guidance to Community for New Direction prevention staff, or pushing other community leaders to embrace prevention, John is one of Franklin County’s strongest prevention champions.”

ADAPAO Advocate Award for exemplary efforts in advancing the mission of ADAPAO: Employing the power of dialogue, education, networking, and advocacy to amplify a united voice for effective prevention in OhioJody Demo-Hodgins,Director of the Children’s Division, NAMI Ohio. Demo-Hodgins has a long history of advocating for prevention, especially in her nearly 20 years as executive director of the Crawford-Marion Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board. In that role, she ensured prevention was as much of a priority as treatment and recovery services on the local level, while also using her position to be a pioneer among ADAMHS Board directors in Ohio in strongly advocating for prevention at the state level. In her current role, she is a proponent for integrating prevention principles into initiatives engaging youth with lived experience with mental health disorders. “Jody Demo-Hodgins has been a diligent advocate for prevention for decades,” said Tommy Koopman, Vice President of ADAPAO. “Jody’s determination that prevention always be at the forefront of county and state behavioral health work has paved a path for an increased prioritization of prevention throughout Ohio, benefitting individuals, families, and communities throughout our state.”

ADAPAO Member of the Year for exemplary contributions to ADAPAO and its membership through service to or on behalf of ADAPAOEvi Roberts,Youth Development Coordinator, Prevention Action Alliance. Roberts is recognized for representing ADAPAO on a state-level advisory group and providing leadership to a new ADAPAO initiative. Roberts represents ADAPAO on the Planning Council of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS). As the only prevention representative on that body, she provides essential input into OhioMHAS practices and priorities, ensuring prevention remains an integral component of the state’s behavioral health system. Roberts is also a key leader of the ADAPAO Young Prevention Professionals Project (YP3), an initiative started in 2017 to address the needs and harness the ideas of younger prevention professionals. “Evi has made exceptional contributions to ADAPAO since joining the association,” noted Tommy Koopman, Vice President of ADAPAO. “She has embraced membership as an opportunity to both grow professionally and contribute to the field, and ADAPAO and our profession are better for her engagement.”

ADAPAO is a not-for-profit, membership-based association that serves as The Voice of Prevention in Ohio, championing prevention throughout the state and in local communities.