ADAPAO Prevention Award 2021 Recipient: Jean-Philippe (JP) Dorval

Posted on: June 7, 2021 10:00 am

Jean-Philippe (JP) Dorval received the 2021 ADAPAO Advocate Award, presented to an individual for exemplary efforts in advancing ADAPAO's mission of employing the power of dialogue, education, networking, and advocacy to amplify a united voice for effective prevention in Ohio.

JP served as the Advocacy and Public Policy Liaison for Prevention Action Alliance, leading multiple advocacy initiatives, from coordinating PAA's Advocacy Week to monitoring legislative activity at the Ohio Statehouse.* In his time at PAA, JP empowered Statewide Prevention Coalition Association, or SPCA, members; and coalitions, organizations, and prevention advocates across the Ohio to engage in the legislative process. JP’s advocacy expertise led to numerous conversations with state legislators, testimony from SPCA and ADAPAO members at legislative hearings, early knowledge – and therefore, quicker response – to emerging issues on the legislative front, and a more cohesive approach to collective advocacy on behalf of prevention.

That cohesive approach is underlined by the Ohio Prevention Advocacy Network, or OPAN, a collaborative of several state prevention entities and other prevention supporters whose primary goal is to elevate the voices of Ohio’s prevention experts with lawmakers. JP co-chaired OPAN and provided the visionary leadership for its efforts. While only a couple years old, OPAN has meaningful accomplishments. OPAN educated legislators on the value of school-based prevention services in the lead-up to the passage of the 2020-21 biennial state budget, which included the K-12 Prevention Initiative funding. In the 2022-23 biennial budget process, taking place now, OPAN has provided state legislators with a document defining prevention priorities for budget consideration, provided written and in-person testimony, and responded to legislators’ questions and needs for information.

Simultaneously, OPAN is tracking other legislation relevant to prevention, building relationships with legislators, and raising prevention’s profile with our elected officials. JP has been the both the anchor and the kite for OPAN’s existence, vision, and work. His grounding in the legislative process is complemented by his clear-eyes optimism that Ohio’s prevention community can affect change at that level.

Whether arranging meetings between SPCA members and their elected officials, coaching prevention advocates through legislative meetings, speaking directly to elected officials, or simply keeping his finger on the political pulse, JP has revolutionizing how we as prevention professionals affect the legislative process.

For exemplifying the role of advocate while empowering Ohio's prevention community to also assume the mantle, Jean-Philippe (JP) Dorval is the recipient of the 2021 ADAPAO Advocate Award.

*JP accepted a position with Columbus City Council a few weeks after the awards presentation and is no longer working at Prevention Action Alliance.