ADAPAO Prevention Award 2021 Recipient: Jodi Galloway

Posted on: May 24, 2021 5:00 am

Jodi Galloway is the recipient of the 2021 ADAPAO Community Champion Award, which recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond expectations to advance prevention in their community.

Jodi is director of Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs and has been managing prevention services in Marion and Crawford Counties for more than 25 years. She began her prevention career building and coordinating Teen Institute (TI) in the two counties, and youth-led prevention remains a cornerstone of MCPP’s services. Marion and Crawford Counties have been leaders in consistent, comprehensive youth-led prevention for decades because of Jodi’s leadership, and Teen Institute has become an entrenched part of the community as a whole and the behavioral health system in the two counties.

Jodi's TI work has led to a cadre of adults -- alumni of the program -- who are invested in prevention, too. Three of the four staff at Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs are alumni of Marion or Crawford County TI. Other alumni are consistently involved in supporting the program through staffing their annual TI weekend, working with the current teen TI leaders, or simply responding to Jodi and her team when they need assistance.

The Marion-Crawford teens operate at some of the highest levels of youth-led prevention in the state. Two of the five 2020 ADAPAO Youth Prevention Awards are from Jodi’s programs, and the Marion-Crawford teens were featured during the 2021 ADAPAO Youth Prevention Showcase.

Jodi also broadened the scope of Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs to meet other needs in the two counties, including delivery of classroom prevention curricula and development of a community coalition, which now receives Drug Free Communities funding.

As one of the few stand-alone prevention agencies in the state, MCPP has its own building, a result of the relationships Jodi has nurtured within the communities, a stellar track record with the Crawford-Marion ADAMH Board, and the simple will to make it happen.

Jodi’s commitment to the Marion and Crawford County communities may only be mirrored by her commitment to the Ohio Teen Institute (OTI) community. When OTI, the five-day state conference for Teen Institute youth from across the state, lost funding in the early 2000s, Jodi and a handful of other prevention leaders resolved to save this important training ground for Ohio's youth-led leaders and adult allies.

Whether seeking dollars, calling in favors, or leaning on years of relationships and dedication to TI, Jodi and the others were determined to ensuring OTI would survive. Despite knowing her teens would receive a terrific youth-led experience even without OTI, since her local programs were so strong, Jodi knew the value of her teens engaging with other youth from all over the state. She also knew that not all youth-led prevention teens in Ohio have the level of support provided by the Marion-Crawford youth-led community. She remains a linchpin in the continued existence and operation of OTI.

For more than a quarter of a century, Jodi Galloway has been the catalyst, leader, mentor, and guardrail for prevention in Marion and Crawford Counties. ADAPAO is honored to present her with the 2021 ADAPAO Community Champion Award.