ADAPAO Prevention Award 2021 Recipient: LeAnn Greer

Posted on: June 20, 2021 4:00 pm

LeAnn Greer is the recipient of the 2021 ADAPAO Member of the Year Award. This award differs from our other honors because it recognizes exemplary contributions specifically to ADAPAO and its membership through service to or on behalf of ADAPAO.

As a member-driven and -supported organization, ADAPAO relies significantly on the contributions of its members, who take on a variety of roles, from planning events to managing projects and initiatives. ADAPAO is a reflection of the talents, dedication, and time of our members.

LeAnn is engaged in several ADAPAO initiatives, bringing expertise, creativity, and a do-what-it-takes approach to her ADAPAO volunteer efforts. Some examples of LeAnn’s contributions:

  • ADAPAO Youth Prevention Showcase. LeAnn serves on the Showcase Planning Committee and crafts the video presentation of each ADAPAO Youth Award recipient. Her skill in blending a cornucopia of photos, videos, and graphics provides an inspiring visual representation of the award recipients and their work to accompany the audio narrative. LeAnn has also driven to several counties across the state to deliver the awards and to take the aforementioned photos and video.
  • Young Prevention Professionals Project. LeAnn is a member of the ADAPAO Young Prevention Professionals Project, or YP3, which has been on hiatus through the COVID-19 pandemic. LeAnn has been one of the most persistent voices in encouraging the resumption of YP3 (which will happen later this summer).
  • Communications & Marketing Team. LeAnn joined the ADAPAO Communications & Marketing Team a few months ago to assist with everything from member communications to website redesign. She co-produced the member video series aired in Monday Mornings with ADAPAO in the lead-up to ADAPAO Conference 2021.

Even though she’s recently assumed a position working in treatment, LeAnn’s commitment to prevention and ADAPAO hasn’t wavered.

“LeAnn is a dynamo and ADAPAO member extraordinaire,” says Holly Zweizig, ADAPAO board member and Chair of the ADAPAO Resource Development Team. “She’s bringing great ideas to the table, and she’s dedicated to her work, whether for the Showcase, the Communications & Marketing Team, or YP3.”

LeAnn is the epitome of engaged membership, and we are a better organization because of her contributions. We are happy to recognize LeAnn Greer as the 2021 ADAPAO Member of the Year.