ADAPAO Youth Award 2020 Recipient: Jade Eilers

Posted on: November 28, 2020 6:00 pm

Jade Eilers was honored with the ADAPAO Youth Excellence Award for 2020. The Youth Excellence Award is presented to a teen for exemplary efforts to amplify prevention across Ohio.

Jade is a senior at Centerville High School in Montgomery County. Jade has been engaged in pageant work for several years and has the accomplishments to show for it. Jade’s recognitions include being named 2019 Miss Teen Ohio International, 2020 Miss Junior Teen Captivating, and Miss Ohio High 2020.

Jade chose prevention as the center of her pageant platform, and she has been a terrific ambassador for prevention throughout Ohio. Let me share with you just a few of the specific ways Jade has amplified prevention across Ohio:

  • Jade met with several individuals, including State Representative Niraj Antani, at Prevention Action Alliance’s Ohio Advocacy Day, an annual opportunity to advocate for prevention among statewide elected officials. During these meetings, she pushed for vaping prevention policy and support for prevention education programs.
  • Jade consistently spotlights prevention through her Facebook and Instagram posts, providing education that promotes mental health; provides relevant prevention information about vaping, opioids, and other substance use; and encouraging healthy choices.
  • On her YouTube channel, Jade features interviews with other teens, discussing why they choose to live drug-free lives.

Jade joined the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network, or OYLPN, Youth Council in early 2019. OYLPN promotes and supports youth-led prevention around the state, and the Youth Council provides leadership and guidance for state-level youth-led prevention work.

One of the biggest youth-led prevention events of the year is the We Are The Majority Rally, typically held at the Ohio Statehouse in May each year. Teens and adult allies from throughout Ohio come together for a day to promote prevention and showcase that most teens are making healthy, drug-free choices.

Because of COVID-19, holding the Rally in person was no longer an option. Jade was the first person to commit to the idea of a virtual Rally, motivating the Youth Council and others involved in the Rally to make it happen.

Jade dug into the planning and subsequently served as host for the Virtual We Are The Majority Rally, held on Friday, May 15. The Rally drew thousands of youth and adults – including many outside Ohio – and Jade utilized her skills and commitment to navigate this first-time experience for the Youth Council and its supporters.

Jade continues to take every opportunity – from podcasts and panels to speeches and social media – to promote prevention. For her determined and unwavering commitment to amplifying prevention across Ohio, Jade Eilers is the recipient of the 2020 ADAPAO Prevention Excellence Award.