ADAPAO Youth Award 2020 Recipient: Kyleigh Brown

Posted on: December 12, 2020 6:30 pm

Kyleigh Brown has been recognized with the 2020 ADAPAO Youth Advocate Award, presented to a teen who is a prevention advocate and role model to their peers. Kyleigh is a senior at Buckeye Central High School and has been engaged in the Crawford County Teen Institute program for five years.

Kyleigh embraces her role as a prevention advocate in her school and in all of Crawford County. She has been the primary catalyst for the growth of youth-led prevention at Buckeye Central High School. During Kyleigh’s sophomore year, her school’s TI group consisted of just 10 teens. Kyleigh made it her mission to grow the group, and one year later, the group’s membership had tripled.

It’s not surprising that Kyleigh could recruit members to the TI group. She has a strong ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and to make each person feel included.

Kyleigh isn’t just a good recruiter; she’s also a change agent. Kyleigh leads the youth-led meetings at her high school, meets with school administrators about the TI group’s goals and activities, and has been the primary driving force behind much of the prevention work taking place at Buckeye Central.

Kyleigh brings that same level of advocacy to Crawford County as a whole. She serves on the Crawford County TI Youth Advisory Board, where her peers view her as a leader and mentor.

Kyleigh also knows how to work with others. She was part of the development team of Crawford and Marion County teens who created "Xscape the Vape," a presentation about vaping that she and her peers have presented to their peers.

As you’ve probably ascertained, Kyleigh is effective both as a team member and an individual leader. She can work collaboratively on Xscape the Vape while also developing, on her own, a workshop centered on poetry for teens at the local Teen Institute conference.

Youth-led prevention, at its core, is advocacy. Youth-led prevention is based in youth using their voices and actions to encourage other youth to live drug free and make healthy decisions. Kyleigh Brown epitomizes this ethic. She has made Teen Institute and her commitment to being drug free one of her life priorities, and uses that foundation to invest in her peers and community, to encourage other teens and younger students to make the same healthy choices.