ADAPAO Youth Prevention Award 2021 Recipient: Brynn Patterson

Posted on: June 20, 2021 5:00 pm

Brynn Patterson is one of two recipients of the ADAPAO Youth Community Champion Award, which recognizes a teen for going above and beyond expectations to champion prevention in their community. (The other honoree, Lilly Shepherd, was profiled in the May 31 Monday Mornings with ADAPAO.) 

Brynn just finished her junior year at KIPP Columbus High School and is actively involved in Youth to Youth, based in Franklin County. Brynn is a member of Youth to Youth's Youth Advisory Board and the Pulse of Youth to Youth speakers’ bureau and served on youth staff for Youth to Youth’s 2020 Virtual Conference.

Brynn has also applied her skills to key Youth to Youth projects, including “The Vibe,” a virtual content project highlighting youth influencers in Central Ohio; and the development of “It’s a Human Thing,” a virtual prevention presentation.

Brynn’s most important contributions, however, may be her work on I Just Want to Be, a Youth to Youth Common Ground project. I Just Want to Be is focused on bringing awareness to the obstacles faced on a daily basis by young people of color that can reduce resiliency and other positive components of mental health. Brynn is a key member of the youth-led team working on the initiative, a documentary-style project created, shot, and edited by Brynn and her peers.

Brynn’s commitment to the big picture prevention work of Youth to Youth – like the annual conferences, Pulse, and Youth Advisory Board – is complemented by her contributions to new and innovative prevention projects, like I Just Want To Be.

Brynn’s passion, reliability, and outstanding leadership make her an integral part of the Youth to Youth community and a champion for prevention within Franklin County and among her youth-led prevention peers. Those skills and traits also make her a champion for youth experiencing racism and other forms of systemic oppression. For going above and beyond expectations to champion prevention within many communities, Brynn Patterson is a recipient of the 2021 ADAPAO Youth Community Champion Award.