Law change around prevention credential

Posted on: October 13, 2016 2:00 pm

On September 28, 2016, House Bill 230 took effect. As part of the bill, the prevention credential was re-designed to more accurately reflect the current professional make up of the field. Among the various changes, the titles and visual presentation of the prevention credential changed. 

If you currently possess a Registered Applicant (R.A.) status, your terminology remains the same. If you possess the Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant (OCPSA), the name is now the CPSA or Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant. OCPS I is now Certified Prevention Specialist or CPS, and OCPS II is now Certified Prevention Consultant or CPC.

While the new terminology is official in law, the Ohio Credentialing Board for Chemical Dependency Professionals expects about a six-month delay before the changes are incorporated into rule and the framework of the OCDP Board. At that time, the OCDP Board will make the new names official.

The changes come as a result of conversations held around Ohio about streamlining standards, expectations, requirements and strengthening the credential. Click here for full text of the bill.