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POSITION: Accounting Clerk - Full Time

POSITION SUMMARY: The position as the Accounting Clerk will perform a variety of duties such as keeping accounting records updated, recording accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions using accounting software programs, generating reports, preparing invoices, tracking receipts and expenditures, and performing clerical functions. 

REQUIREMENTS: Education: Associates Degree in Accounting/Finance discipline preferred or High School Diploma with three years equivalent experience in the non-profit accounting/finance field. Understand accounting fundamentals such as debits, credits, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and budgets. Must have prior work experience using QuickBooks.  Ability to use software applications such as Microsoft Office.

Apply online on our website or send Resumes to:

Must pass a criminal background check and a pre-employment drug screening.

CND is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Posted on ADAPAO website on 8-12-21.