Current position openings

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The Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board is seeking an individual with strong administrative professional experience and an interest in assisting the investigations process. The professional will perform the following duties:

  • Record and track ethics grievances and complaints (e.g., enter information into and retrieve information from complaint system and/or eLicense, communicate with complainant, monitor progress of complaint until response received and ready for investigation).
  • Distribute grievance response letters.
  • Prepare waiver of service forms.
  • Monitor compliance of consent agreements.
  • Distribute ethics violation letters and final consent agreements.
  • Oversee ethics case record retention.
  • Research and analyze materials and information for Executive Director and Ethics Committee:
    • Review applicant criminal justice history.
    • Compile BCI information.
    • Research records and Board actions.
    • Search for and obtain hardcopy and computerized court records from a variety of sources in order to assist investigative staff in conducting interviews.
  • Draft correspondence and documents (e.g., subpoenas).
  • Provide technical information and advice to administrators to aid in decision making.
  • Receive training in investigative procedures and techniques and laws and rules applicable to investigations handled by the Board.
  • Conduct basic investigations of applicant criminal records and gather preliminary data to supplement investigations being conducted by higher-level investigator.
  • Assist in preparing for chapter 119 hearings (e.g., prepare copies of exhibits for investigator and Assistant Attorney General, make room arrangements, schedule court reporters when necessary).
  • Complete certified mailings.
  • Transcribe Ethics Committee meeting minutes.
  • Research and respond to general inquiries regarding grievances and enforcement.
  • Furnish information and explain programs to public.
  • Work on special administrative or investigative assignments and projects as directed.
  • Prepare reports using eLicense and other reporting formats.

For more information, go HERE. Applications accepted through August 15, 2021.

Posted on ADAPAO website on 8-10-21.