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The Ohio State University is seeking 10 Community Engagement Coordinators to assist in the implementation of a new initiative, Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEALing).   Each position will be physically located in one of the following counties:  Ashtabula, Athens, Cuyahoga, Darke, Greene, Guernsey, Hamilton, Lucas, Morrow or Scioto.  The overall goal of the HEALing Communities initiative is to systematically plan, implement, and evaluate data-driven approaches that integrate evidence-based interventions within healthcare, behavioral health, justice systems, and communities to reduce opioid overdose deaths in highly affected counties. As part of this multi-year project, you will work with community representatives across a wide range of sectors involved in mental health and substance abuse (public health, justice, law enforcement, housing, etc.) to conduct a needs assessment, develop a consensus on what interventions can be implemented to reduce opioid overdose deaths, engage various community stakeholders in consensus building, and assist in monitoring program fidelity.

The Community Engagement Coordinator role facilitates the HEALing Communities initiative within the community. This includes assisting with a needs assessment and the selection of interventions, assist with implementing and monitoring selected interventions as needed, and the final evaluation on the effectiveness of the program. The Community Engagement Coordinator will be responsible for: representing the HEALing Communities initiative to the community; facilitating organizational and community discussions around the project and interventions; and assisting research staff to engage community stakeholders and members in discussions related to the project and its implementation. During the intervention stage, the Community Engagement Coordinator will work with other team members to assist in monitoring the fidelity of the intervention and serve as a liaison between the local community, the research team, and state government officials.

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Posted on ADAPAO website on 11-22-19.