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The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County is seeking a Director of Programs, Training, and Education. The Director of Programs, Training, and Education, under supervision of the Executive Director, is the lead clinician primarily responsible for ensuring that the board contracted programs and services are being delivered consistent with contract expectations. The Director of Programs, Training, and Education takes the lead in assessing the need and implementing community training and education opportunities to strengthen the mission of the MHRB. The Director of Programs, Training, and Education serves in multiple compliance roles (Clients Rights, Civil Rights, and HIPAA).

Position Responsibilities:
Lead Clinician (16%)
• Monitors all state hospital admissions and discharge planning.
• Closely monitors all involuntary commitments and forced medication cases.
• Monitor all youth who are in out-of-home placement and who are receiving mental health and/or alcohol/drug services.
• Ensure consumers are in the appropriate level of care.
• Monitor utilization of hospital, withdrawal management and residential services.
• Ensure the development, implementation, and monitoring of the board’s Forensic Monitoring Plan.
• Provides clinical consultation to the board, board staff, agencies, and community at large.
Program Development (21%)
• Coordinates needs assessment activities to ensure resources are directed effectively.
• Provide consultation and technical assistance to agencies regarding services.
• Encourage the development of evidence-based practices.
• Identify & Coordinate training needs of agency staff and others.
• Establish and coordinate steering committees or task force as needed to assist in the development of new programs or services.
• Has primary responsibility for developing the board’s state plans (e.g., Capital Plan and Community Plan)
• Identifies and pursues grants and other funds to support services or activities.
Program Monitoring and Evaluation (35%)
• Develop and implement the Board’s Quality Improvement Plan.
• Coordinate board and agency CQI activities.
• Review agency reports submitted to the Board (e.g., QA, utilization, program reports, fidelity reviews, “Matrix Reports,” etc.)
• Periodically review housing inspections of Appleseed CMHC apartments.
• Monitor wait lists and work with agencies to ensure effective access to services.
• Review all Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) filed with the board; monitor trends, determine if any further investigation or intervention is appropriate.
• Coordinate regular non-Medicaid reviews of contract partners.
• Remain current regarding new state standards, clinical practices, and developments in the field.
• Conduct focused reviews as needed.
Training and Education (20%)
• Takes the lead in coordinating training, educational and professional development activities, and community education campaigns (e.g., Prescription Drug Abuse campaign) Works with other agencies and staff where appropriate.
• Takes the lead in managing grant-funded projects (grant writing, budgeting, reporting, etc.)
• Assists with the coordination of project collaboratives and community meetings (Older Adults Collaborative, Suicide Prevention Coalition, etc.)
• Coordinate’s communications (sends agendas, takes meeting notes, etc.) for community meetings and collaborative initiatives.
• Responsible for coordinating details of events including promotion, food, location, handouts, day-of setup, and tear down, day-of registration, exhibitor booths, handout packets and program, name tags, etc. Although some details may be handled by other staff, the Director of Programs, Training, and Education follows up to be sure details are taken care of and organized for the day of the event.
• Responsible for board’s “exhibitor booth” at fairs and other community events. (If not staffing booth, coordinating volunteers to staff booth.) Preparing materials to be distributed, displayed.
• Assists other board staff with publishing newsletter, managing website and social media.
• Maintenance of stock of promotional handouts (pens, tablets, etc.) for fairs and other events.
• Maintenance of library of brochures, including MHRB Brochure, educational materials, and other agency brochures. Keep materials in stock and up to date. (Includes coordination of Vial of Life kits.)

Client Rights Officer (5%)
• Ensure that the rights of all consumers are protected
• Ensure that all consumers are treated with dignity and respect
• Identify and investigate all allegations of client neglect or abuse
• Investigate and address grievances filed with the board according to the Board’s Client Rights and Grievance policies and procedures
• Prepare and file reports regarding grievances according to the Board’s Client Rights and Grievance policies and procedures
• Review, monitor and make recommendations regarding board and agency client rights policies and procedures

HIPAA Compliance Officer (1%)

HIPAA Security Officer (1%)

Civil Rights Compliance Officer (1%)

Per Board policy 2.2.15, the Director of Programs, Training, and Education serves as the Civil Rights Compliance Officer of the board.

Working Conditions
• Typical working hours are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
• May require evening hours
• Flex time may be used in accordance with the Personnel Policies
• May require some local (in state) travel
• Travel and related expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the Personnel Policies
• Perform the above duties and any other duties so requested under the general supervision of the Executive Director or designee.
Minimum Qualifications for Employment
• Bachelor’s Degree in counseling, social work, or a related field. Master’s Degree preferred.
• Licensed/Certified in Ohio as any of the following: Social Worker, Professional Counselor, Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Prevention Consultant. Independent Licensure preferred.
• Five years of work experience in behavioral health care.
• Administrative/management experience preferred.
• Knowledge and experience with multi-system collaborative planning and program implementation.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Must possess a valid driver’s license.

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