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ADAPAO posts position openings as a service to the organizations with which our members are employed or serve as volunteers. Please e-mail any job postings you believe would be relevant to our membership to


You are ready to make an impact in your job – with individuals and their workplaces. You enjoy helping people solve problems and are sensitive to confidentiality and urgency of response. You are naturally curious and a master at asking probing questions.  You’ve been told you’re a good listener and are appreciated by others for your resourcefulness and ability to think things through.

While you are oriented to details and workflows, you also can process-think and “connect the dots” between issues, systems and situations. Thinking outside of the box comes naturally to you, and you’re always searching for ways to make your work more effective and efficient.  You are a vulnerable learner – willing to ask questions, offer and receive feedback.

As a Drug-Free Workplace Specialist, you value being involved in a variety of tasks and projects, and are adept in working with a range of temperaments in different settings – from construction sites to boardrooms. You are energized by a fast-paced environment, can prioritize and organize work activities, and can pivot effectively from task to task. While you may need to close your office door from time-to-time, you are energized by collaborating with your colleagues. You take ownership of your projects and are accountable and loyal to both your responsibilities and your team.

You’re ready to be a contributing member of a dynamic, high performing team who will find ways to capitalize on your unique skills and help drive your professional interests.

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Posted on ADAPAO website on June 22, 2018.