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The Board of Directors of the Sylvania Community Action Team (SCAT) has initiated a search for an energetic, inspiring, and forward-thinking leader who values community and collaboration to serve as our next Executive Director. 

We seek an individual who can lead the organization to new levels of local support to complement our mission of ensuring that Sylvania is home for healthy youth lifestyles by providing services such as parenting support, and community programming.

We are a prevention and support organization focused on alcohol and drug use as well as other issues affecting families in our community, including mental health, suicide, bullying, gaming addiction, social media and cyber-bullying, social norming, and substance abuse disorder.

SCATis a nonprofit organization with community partnerships between our youth, parents, teachers, school administrators, elected officials, police officers, and community members.

SCAT is an equal opportunity employer.

For more information: 419-283-7168 or or

Please send Cover Letter and Resume to:

Posted to ADAPAO website on March 11, 2019.