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Department: National Coalition Institute – Training, Coalition Development TA & Outreach (TTAO) Department

Reports to: Deputy Director of Training, Coalition Development TA & Outreach

Employment Status: Full-time, exempt

Location: 625 Slaters Lane, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314 * Telework is not optional with this position

Position Summary:

The Coalition Development (CD) Manager is responsible for the management and enhancement of CADCA’s National Coalition Development Support Delivery System (CDS). The CD Manager will work directly with the Deputy Director of Training, Coalition Development TA and Outreach to carry out the National Coalition Institute’s mission of facilitating intensive, comprehensive technical assistance to coalition, state and federal leaders.  Additionally, the CD Manager will oversee and supervise the work of the CDS Associate. This position focuses on building new coalitions and strengthening the capacity of existing ones with an emphasis on the Drug-Free Community (DFC) Support Program grant recipients, economically disadvantaged communities and coalitions serving special populations throughout the United States and its territories.                                      

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Posted on ADAPAO website on 3-27-21.