Current position openings

ADAPAO posts position openings as a service to the organizations with which our members are employed or serve as volunteers. Please e-mail any job postings you believe would be relevant to our membership to

Position Summary:

Responsible for providing prevention and education services in a variety of settings. May develop and implement prevention services over a varied group of topics including substance abuse, mental health, bullying, suicide and other areas as requested. Responsible for training all staff in prevention and education services and appropriate use of the service.

Position Description:

  • Remain current on Prevention and Education standards and ensure the program provides services in accordance with those standards 
  • Identify and assess needs of customers/clients
  • Utilize supportive educational methods that are appropriate to customer and topic
  • Complete service documentation accurately and timely in electronic health record
  • Provide both prevention and education services
  • Facilitate referral to and/or provide appropriate level of care
  • Develop, define and implement realistic, effective and measurable goals and plans for services
  • Collect, track and evaluate program data for fidelity and service quality
  • Recruit community groups, schools and others for prevention services
  • Adhere to professional standards as outlined by protocols, rules and regulations
  • Drive for job duties as assigned
  • Other duties as assigned

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Posted on ADAPAO website on 3-27-21.