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Job Announcement: Prevention Education Coordinator

Ohio’s Prevention Education Coordinator will have an integral role in supporting the whole child, as envisioned in Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s five-year strategic plan. The Prevention Education Coordinator will be regarded as the Department’s leading expert in policies, practices and partnerships specific to prevention education.

Under the leadership of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s office and RecoveryOhio, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Ohio Department of Education implements prevention education strategies and programs designed to empower local communities in their efforts to help children build resiliency and reduce risk factors that contribute to the development of behavioral health conditions.

Serving within the Department’s Office of Integrated Student Supports, the Prevention Education Coordinator will collaborate closely with a dedicated team of education professionals who collectively support Ohio’s schools and districts in areas essential to whole child success. Specifically, those areas include attendance, nutrition, school safety, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), trauma-informed schools, school-based health care, family and community engagement, and social-emotional learning.

The Prevention Education Coordinator will work under direction of the Director of the Office of Integrated Student Supports. By design, the position will uphold a partnership approach that seeks to drive coherence and maximize impact. This means the Prevention Education Coordinator will collaborate almost daily with cross-state and regional partners and experts to assist schools in providing evidence-informed prevention services for every child, in every grade, in every school.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Serves as the Ohio Department of Education point of contact for prevention education;

  • Builds relationships with key stakeholders, local community organizations and state agencies and organizations to expand the range and deepen relationships with entities who share the prevention education advocacy goals;

  • Develops and implements prevention education policies and strategies that assist communities with the goal of providing evidence-informed prevention education for every child, in every grade, in every school;

  • Works closely with Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, County Boards of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health (ADAMH), and Educational Services Centers (ESCs) to assist schools with:

    o conducting a needs assessment for their communities
    o developing a plan based on a community needs assessment
    o implementing evidence based or evidence informed prevention education strategies
    o researching, providing tools and resources for districts, schools and county boards to engage in these activities.

  • Leads the development and implementation of the Ohio Department of Education’s Prevention Education Reporting and Data Collection effort, including:
    o developing and administering the prevention reporting tool to all districts
    o providing data to local ESCs and county ADAMH boards to inform their decision-making.

  • Serves as a liaison to the Governor’s Office and other agencies to develop, assess and implement outreach strategies (e.g., collects and analyzes data; makes changes and updates strategies based on evaluation of goals, assessment data);

  • Provides support to state and districts/schools when given a tip from the SaferOH Tip Line on alcohol, drug, vaping and tobacco related issues;

  • Develops, leads and evaluates grants for educational service centers or other regional systems of support to implement professional development for schools focused on prevention education;

  • Provides professional development, technical assistance and support to schools, ESCs, ADAMH boards, and other organizations;

  • Provides technical assistance to schools to align prevention education, strategies, and programs to school climate, social-emotional learning standards, family and community engagement policies and practices to address non-academic barriers to learning and create a comprehensive system of learning supports;

  • Coordinates with agency staff to align prevention education, strategies, and programs with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, trauma-informed care, social- emotional learning standards, and other supports related to addressing non-academic barriers in schools and districts;

  • Promotes social-emotional learning standards as a part of prevention education, strategies, and programs to strengthen students’ ability to build healthy relationships, problem-solve and make positive decisions.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree in human services area (e.g., social work; psychology; sociology; nursing); prevention certification; 3 years of combined experience working in prevention services with school-age children, schools or other child serving agencies.

  • Or Ohio Certified Prevention Consultant licensed by the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board.

Preferred Qualifications:

      • Master’s degree in human services area plus 5 years of combined experience working in
         prevention services with school-age children, schools, or other child-serving agencies.

Additional Information:

  • Compensation up to $36.54 hourly/$76,003.20 annually; dependent on candidate’s experience and qualifications.

  • Requires travel to sites throughout Ohio, which may require overnight accommodations. (Must be willing and able to secure a valid driver’s license OR supply your own transportation.)

Application Process:
      • All qualified candidates should apply at no later than February 28,
         2021. More information is available HERE.

Posted on ADAPAO website on 2-5-21.