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Job Title:  Workforce Development Specialist
Reports to: Managing Director and Assistant Director
FLSA Status: Exempt
Salary Range: $60,000 – 70,000
Location:  7895 Dove Parkway, Canal Winchester OH 43110

Working Partners Systems, Inc. (dba Working Partners®)
Small business-to-business firm specializing in management consultation, training and consortium services (e.g., group-priced drug testing, telephone support for specific situations) for drug-responsible corporate policies and programs (drug-free workplace [DFWP]).  Working Partners® develops and facilitates workforce initiatives for systems and communities to build healthier, stronger, more productive workplaces.

Profile of a Workforce Development Specialist

You are energized by finding solutions and moving people through training and leadership.  You are an exceptional listener and strategic with your focus on serving clients with excellence.  You recognize, respect and appreciate the benefits (and challenges!) of working in a small business. You are energized by a fast-paced environment, can prioritize and organize work activities, and can pivot effectively from task to task while keeping all “balls in the air.” You thrive on being involved in complex tasks and projects and are adept in working with a range of temperaments in different settings – from construction sites, to board rooms, to political arenas. You can come in and out of the minutiae all the while forging ahead on milestones.

You are naturally curious and a master at asking probing questions. People appreciate you for your resourcefulness and ability to think things through.

As a learner, you’re vulnerable and willing to ask questions, offer and receive feedback. You are humble and careful about what you project.

And finally, you are ready to be a contributing member of a dynamic, high-performing team with high visibility that will find ways to capitalize on your unique skills and help drive your professional interests!

Overall Responsibilities

  1. Administer Technical Mastery and Strategic Consultation – Provide support to clients and business partners and projects

  2. Training and Public Presentation – Conduct sessions for client companies, various businesses and stakeholder groups
  3. Marketing/Communications and Sales Support – Assist with organizational processes that support marketing, communications and sales
  4. General Daily Operations – Support overall business functions including relationships with independent contractors and vendors


Working Partners® is an equal employment opportunity ensuring that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Posted on ADAPAO website on 2-27-20.