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Identifying Emerging Drug Trends: The Importance of Using the Latest Data to Inform the Strategic Prevention Framework

September 24, 2020

When: September 24, 2020; 1:00pm

Location: Virtual

About: The substance use landscape is ever changing, and it is vital for substance use preventionists and other stakeholders to have knowledge of the latest trends. This includes knowing which substances are undergoing rising or declining prevalence rates and which populations are experiencing increases or decreasing rates of use, misuse, and abuse. Knowing about these trends is necessary to ensuring that prevention efforts are as responsive and relevant as possible to the people and populations being served. This webinar seeks to provide preventionists with the latest national and state data on emerging drug trends. It will also provide examples of data sources that preventionists can use to verify that these trends are relevant to communities.

Sponsor: Central East Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) and Danya Institute

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