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We Are the Majority Rally

May 5, 2020

When: May 5, 2020

Location: Ohio Statehouse (and surrounding area); Columbus

About: Every day, teens are bombarded with messages telling them what to do, how to look, and who to be with. These messages are found wherever kids turn—on television shows, on the news, on social media, and in video games. These messages often depict teens using drugs and engaging in other unhealthy behaviors. The reality, however, is that the majority of teens do not use drugs. Instead, they're leading their peers in preventing substance misuse and promoting mental health wellness by getting involved in youth-led prevention.

The We Are The Majority Rally was created to counter the false perception that most young people use drugs. It lets teens know that they're not alone when they decide not to use drugs. Since the rally began in 2011, more than 14,000 teens have marched in it. This year's WATM Rally will feature performances from Columbus' own Pray For Sleep.
Sponsor: Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network, a network of Prevention Action Alliance
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