Current position openings

ADAPAO posts position openings as a service to the organizations with which our members are employed or serve as volunteers. Please e-mail any job postings you believe would be relevant to our membership to

LSCOY, out of the Office of the Ohio Attorney General, is looking for an individual with knowledge of child/youth victimization, experience in working with youth and developing youth leadership to help develop and implement a plan around youth involvement. We value diversity and inclusion and seek a consultant who shares our values. Funding for this position will not exceed $10,000 at a rate of $56.25/hour with all work to be completed by September 30, 2022.

The Youth Involvement Consultant will be tasked with:

  • Working with LSCOY Project Team, CSSP, and Youth Leaders to implement a plan around youth involvement.
  • Participating in Action Workgroup meetings, as needed, identifying any need for youth voice and engaging Youth Leaders to provide it.
  • Participating in and assisting with other LSCOY project meetings, as needed (e.g. Key Stakeholder meetings).
  • Providing input around products developed by LSCOY, to help ensure that they are meaningful and effective to youth. 

More information about LSCOY is available HERE. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Nancy Radcliffe at for more information. Interested parties should send a resume/CV to by June 30, 2021.

Posted on ADAPAO website on 6-15-21.