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A recent study published in Addiction which examined the impact of long term marijuana use versus alcohol use among youth suggests that marijuana use may be more detrimental.

The longitudinal study which surveyed 6509 students, ages 11.5-17, determined that greater alcohol use resulted in academic unpreparedness and school delinquency whereas greater marijuana use indicated academic unpreparedness and delinquency as well as poorer academic performance and mental health.

An important piece of this study is that it shines a light on adolescent marijuana use, highlighting the negative impacts of marijuana versus alcohol among youth, specifically in terms of educational and mental health factors. It also dispels myths associated with marijuana use that have come up in recent years due to marijuana legalization across the county.

The study also suggests that prevention and health promotion professionals should focus their efforts on prevention of both addictive substances in youth and young adults to reduce negative social, academic, and health effects.